Memorials and Tributes


Memorials and Tributes​

Dedicating an item associated with our worship space is a traditional way of honoring or paying tribute to those whose lives have touched ours.  St. Andrew has provided well-managed channels to establish and care for these memorial gifts with our Memorial & Tributes Committee.  We have identified selected items on this website that are currently needed.  Guidelines for this process are provided below.


How can I make a Memorial Gift selection?

Use the list on this page to identify an item and notify to make sure an item has not already been spoken for.


How will Memorial Gifts be identified?

Gifts will be identified in a displayed Memorial Record Book.


Gifts in honor or remembrance of one of my loved ones are in the current Memorial Fund.
Can I specify an item from the list to honor them?

Yes, you may request that non-designated funds be put towards an item of your choice.


Is it possible to make a gift which is not on the list?

Any new item will need to be considered first by the committee and/or the Church Council.  


Current Items You May Give In Honor or Memory of Loved Ones

  • General Memorials - for use in worship

  • Building Debt Reduction

  • Pipe Organ

  • Paraments

  • Mediation Garden/Columbarium


Ways to contribute at Saint Andrew Lutheran Church.

Saint Andrew provides traditional ways of contributing to God's Kingdom through your giving each Sunday or through our online contribution service.

Click here to contribute online.