Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ, Opus 1511


The next-to-last organ built by Aeolian-Skinner was installed in the Episcopal Cathedral of Christ the King in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1970. The specification was by the cathedral organist, Alexander Boggs Ryan. Tonal finishing was by Donald Gilette; Allen Kinsey designed the case, facade and lay-out. This organ is the only free-standing, encased instrument built by Aeolian-Skinner.


The organ was purchased from the Cathedral in the summer of 2007 by Saint Andrew Lutheran Church. Working a 66-hour week in the ninety-degree, un-air-conditioned Cathedral, a team of nine men from the Milnar Organ Company dismantled, removed and transported the organ to their shop in Eagleville, Tennessee. The Milnar firm systematically repaired, cleaned, updated, renovated and installed the organ in the new nave of St. Andrew Church. The basic voicing of the organ has not been changed; however, some new stops have been added to fill out the specification. The order of the manuals has been changed to the traditional American style. The electrical components of the organ have been updated with a Peterson control system. Visually, the organ appears exactly as it was designed for the Kalamazoo cathedral with the exception of the turning star which controls the étoilestop (also known as a “cymbelstern”).


Olivier Latry performed the inaugural concert on January 31, 2010, to a standing room only audience. The organ was dedicated officially on May 9, 2010 by Bishop H. Julian Gordy, Bishop of the Southeastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.





Great (manual II)


16' Quintade  A-S

8' Principal  A-S

8' Rohrflote  A-S

8' Violone  NEW

8’ Flûte Harmonique  NEW

4' Octave  A-S

4’ Spitzflöte  A-S

2' Doublette  A-S

II Sesquialtera II  A-S

1 1/3 Mixture V-VI  A-S

8' Trompete (chamade)  A-S

8' Pontifical Trumpet  Pos

Chimes  NEW


Positiv (manual I)


8' Principal  NEW

8' Holzgedeckt  A-S

8' Gemshorn  NEW

8’ Gemshorn Céleste  NEW

4' Principal  A-S

4' Koppelflote  A-S

2' Octave  A-S

1 1/3' Quinte  A-S

2/3' Scharf IV-V  A-S

8’ Krummhorn  A-S

8’ Trumpet Tremulant  NEW

8’ Pontifical Trumpet  A-S

4’ Pontifical Trumpet

16’ Positiv to Positiv      Unison Off

Swell (manual III) - expressive

16’ Flûte Douce  A-S

8’ Principal  NEW

8’ Bourdon  A-S

8’ Viole de Gambe  A-S

8’ Viole Céleste  A-S

8’ Flûte Douce

8’ Flûte Céleste  A-S

4’ Prestant  A-S

4’ Cor de Nuit  NEW

2 2/3’ Nazard   NEW

2’ Flachflöte  A-S

1 3/5’  Tierce  NEW

2’ Plein Jeu III  NEW

1’ Cymbale IV  A-S

16’ Basson  A-S

8’ Trompette  A-S

8’ Basson

4' Hautbois Claron A- S

8’ Pontifical Trumpet  A-S


Étoile  NEW

16 Swell to Swell    Unison Off

4 Swell to Swell




32' Kontrapurr  NEW

16' Principal  A-S

16' Subbass  A-S

16’ Quintade  A-S

16  Violone  NEW

16’ Flûte Douce  A-S

8’ Principal  A-S

8 Violone  NEW

8’ Metalgedackt  A-S 

4’ Choralbass

4’ Metalgedackt

2’ Mixture IV  A-S

32’ Kontraposaune  A-S

16’ Posaune                                

32’ Kontrabasson  NEW

16’ Basson  A-S

8’Trompete  A-S

4’ Klarine  A-S