Pauline Farrington - Co-Lead Pastor


Pastor Pauline Farrington is one of two Co-Lead pastors at St. Andrew Lutheran Church.

In Christ, God initiated the healing of creation -- including humanity -- restoring wholeness and union with God. Pastor Farrington is passionately committed to making this good news known. That passion is poured into her preaching, teaching, and loving people as they wrestle with a gospel that is difficult to apprehend.

Pastor Farrington, an honors graduate of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary class of 

2009, was ordained to a second-half-of-life vocation. Having served with congregations in Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee, Pastor Farrington is currently a student in the 2022 Cohort of the Living School with the Center for Action and Contemplation.

Besides being innately empathic and deeply prayerful, Pastor Farrington is distinctively gifted for pastoral care ministry, because she has known heavy, personal heartbreak and suffering. Soon after entering the process of candidacy for Ordained Ministry, her daughter, Claudia, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Claudia bravely faced that terrible disease and its even worse treatments for six months before she died at eighteen years of age. Pastor Farrington’s pastoral formation took place within this journey alongside Claudia and amid profound grief following her death. Her faith, worldview, and life perspective were shaped by these parallel experiences. She feels privileged to offer hope and model how to integrate faith and pain in times of grief as she points others to the promises of Christ's healing embrace and restoration of joy in living.  

Pastor Farrington has a passion for biblical scholarship. Part of her excitement in uncovering what a text reveals is discovering how it interprets and informs our context, our lives (personal, communal, and societal), and our faith – pointing us to how we can faithfully live Christ’s call in our daily moments. She is expressive, visual, and a bit dramatic by nature, and that comes through in her preaching and teaching. She sees it as her call to make the Bible stories and scenes come alive to people of all ages so that listeners and learners find themselves in the action and come away transformed by it. 

Pastor Farrington has also served the Southeastern Synod for twelve years with the Synod Worship Team and has done extensive writing of liturgical prayers and prayers of intercession for Synodical and Churchwide worship.