Pastor Lippard's Sermons

November 19, 2019 (24th Sunday after Pentecost) + For the Good of the Whole Community

Reading: Jesus tells his disciples about terrible things that are about to happen; Paul tells a group of early Christians to work hard for the good of the whole community.

"So in the midst of general hand wringing and despair about the state of present day affairs, the people of God do not lose heart; instead, we take heart. Whatever our challenges, as disciples of Jesus, we trust in the goodness of Christ and his ongoing love and care for us. That makes us free to give of ourselves, sharing our time, our talents, and our treasure."

November 10, 2019 (23th Sunday after Pentecost) + But What Happens in the Afterlife?

Reading: Jesus answers a question about how marriage works in the afterlife.

"The way things work in this life is not a blueprint for how things work in the life to come. Then, we will be children of the resurrection in all its fullness and joy. Jesus suggests it will be beyond our wildest dreams, and more wonderful than we can imagine."

October 27, 2019 (Reformation Sunday) + The Truth will Set Us Free

Reading: Jesus teaches others that the truth he brings will set them free.

"So how do we square this doubt and confusion in our post-truth world with the simple clarity of Jesus’ words to his disciples today? 'If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.'”

August 18, 2019 (10th Sunday after Pentecost) + When Jesus Makes Trouble

Reading: Jesus says, "I came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!... Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division!”

"Jesus says he came to bring fire to the earth. Fire changes, converts, and transforms things. It can be destructive, but it can also lead to new life and transformed energy for growth."

July 28, 2019 (7th Sunday after Pentecost) + Our Daily Bread

Reading: Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray.

"It seems to me when we pray this prayer we are praying for everyone. If that is so, it also challenges us to care for everyone as a neighbor, just as Jesus does elsewhere. This is one of the ways that even the Lord’s Prayer may challenge and broaden our perspective on our faith."

July 7, 2019 (4th Sunday after Pentecost) + Doing So Much with So Little

Reading: Jesus sends his disciples to preach the good news, and they bring almost nothing with them.

"Not much equipment is required to share the good news, just the message itself."

June 23, 2019 (2nd Sunday after Pentecost) + Do You Know Where You're Going?

Reading: Jesus casts a legion of demons out of a possessed man.

“'Do you know where you’re going?' Obviously, I didn’t. And I wonder how often that happens to us. We think we’re going one place for one purpose, but then we find that we have a different purpose somewhere else."

May 26, 2019 (6th Sunday of Easter) + "Among All Nations"

Readings: Paul shares the Gospel with women in Philippi; the psalmist praises the God of all nations; we hear a revelation of a new heaven and a new earth; Jesus tells the disciples not to be troubled, but to have faith.

"Today’s readings promise that God will make a home with us and with all people."

May 19, 2019 (5th Sunday of Easter) + Who's In and Who's Out?

Readings: The Holy Spirit brings Gentiles into the Church; Jesus teaches his disciples to love one another.

"Whom do you exclude in your heart and your life? What behavior do you believe excludes people from God’s love?"

May 12, 2019 (4th Sunday of Easter) + Relationship and Identity

Readings: Peter raises Tabitha from the dead; the Shepherd's Psalm; Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

"Today we celebrate all the ways in which we are reminded of our connections, of our relationships with God and one another."

May 5, 2019 (3rd Sunday of Easter) + The Sea of Tiberias

Reading: Jesus appears to the disciples, and he calls Peter: "Feed my sheep."

"What had started at the Sea of Tiberias now had begun anew there...Peter now understood life backward and would live life forward."

April 28, 2019 (2nd Sunday of Easter) + "Peace be with You"

Reading: Jesus appears to his male disciples for the first time after his resurrection.

"Jesus calls us to continue to share his peace in trying times, just as he shared it with his disciples after his crucifixion and resurrection."

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